Denture Relines

Emergency Denture Repairs

Emergency Denture Repairs and Relines

Even with regular maintenance of your denture health care, you might need to have an emergency denture repair or reline. Fractured or broken dentures can be caused by a number of things such as breakages, ill health or changes to your body such as loss of weight, loss of teeth or aging.

If you have an emergency, Dentures Professionals offer emergency denture repairs. You can wait for the repair, or come back when repaired. Most of the time, we can provide immediate repairs for common denture breakages, in a 30-minute time-frame. Call us on (08) 9451 1477.

Just call our office in business hours, Monday to Friday. We are happy to see you at any time, but suggest you call first to avoid any disappointment or extended wait to be seen.

Important! If your dentures break or crack or a teeth falls or becomes loose do not use glue! The best way to fix dentures is to contact us – broken dentures can harm you! Contact us for any emergency denture repairs!

Household glue is not meant for your mouth, it can be highly toxic, make you feel ill, as well as denture repairs more difficult. If a tooth is loose of drops off; bring it with you for repair.

Denture Relines

When Do I Need a Dental Denture Repair or Relining?

Fractures. Dropping or sitting on your dentures, a heavy bite or grinding, can fatigue the denture base and cause it to crack. Whether it’s a crack or a clean break, it is best to give us a call to assess the condition of your dentures and find the best remedy.

Teeth. The same conditions can fracture your teeth whether by biting too hard or from the wrong angle. Sometimes a tooth may fall from the denture or appear fractured from excessive wear. This often depends on your bite and how the teeth have been interacting with each other. This is more difficult to repair, since it involves your bite, and may affect multiple teeth.

Relining or rebasing. Dentures need to fit closely your gums and ridges to get maximum suction for the best fit, comfort for eating and talking. Even if the teeth color and condition are perfectly fine, a reline or rebasing might be needed to put a new base on your denture and increase the exactness of the fit.

Do You Need a Hard Reline or a Soft Reline?

The two common types of denture relines are hard and soft relines. Special cleaning is required for soft relines as they are soft not as durable as hard relines.

The main product difference is in the material used to create the reline. A reline is created by placing soft putty inside the denture for an impression and then placing the denture in the mouth. The gums are used to mould the putting into shape; this technique can take between 2-7 minutes to set.

The putty goes to our lab, where a replica is created. This mould is permanently fitted inside the denture. This process can often be completed on the same day.

Denture relining can affect the fit of your dentures, not the appearance of them. Each year we perform hundreds of denture relines in our surgery, because they can immediately reduce irritation and pain caused by dentures. Reline your dentures often for maximum comfort.

Dentures should never be painful or cause irritation. If you are suffering from poorly fitting dentures, contact us for a simple denture reline or repair.

Call our surgery for emergency denture repairs!

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