Denture Repairs

Denture Repairs

Best Dental Care and Denture Repairs in Perth

denture-repairIf you break or damage your dentures, call us immediately for our emergency denture repairs services on (08) 9451 1477.

Today, denture materials are far more resilient than ever before, but sometimes, either from age or due to a hard fall, you can break or damage your dentures. As part of our services, we offer dental care and denture repairs and encourage patients to make regular appointments to our clinic for denture maintenance.

Keep your smile looking natural and fresh with regular repairs your dentures so they fit perfectly again, without discomfort or irritation to your mouth.

Denture Professionals stand by our high quality cosmetic repairs – we believe that the finer the repair, the less aggravation to your mouth. That’s why our denture repairs are made in our laboratory from superior fabrics by international leading companies that are safe, tested and patented and by highly experienced dental technicians.

Denture Care

Visit Denture Professionals Every Six Months

Just like you service your car or refrigerator, you need to maintain your dentures. We recommend a maintenance visit with our team every six months, where we can assess the health of your mouth and your dentures. This simple visit will save you money and keep your mouth free from infection, irritation or losing more teeth.

Your dental prosthetist can also clean your dentures in an ultra-sonic cleaner. This will restore your dentures to their sparkling original condition. No matter where you live in Perth, WA, our dental prosthetists are here to help.

Depending on damage to your denture, you may decide to upgrade a newer denture made from lighter materials. This can help you with eating, speaking and reduce any irritation some dentures can give.

Denture Repairs Perth

Repairs are often done on the same day and within a few hours.

There are many repair options available such as a denture reline, or you may need a new denture whether it is a partial denture, dental implant or implant overdenture or a full denture.

Denture repairs are required less often if you take care of your overall health and look after your dentures. This can reduce denture wear and tear and any future mouth or teeth diseases.

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