Emergency Dentures

Emergency Dentures

Perth Emergency Denture Repairs & Relines

You want your dentures repaired now?

We repair dentures on site, so in many cases it is a matter of 30 mins up to a few hours depending on the severity of the repair. We’re here to help you so that you can get on with your day. Dentures are made of sturdy material, but unfortunately they don’t respond well to sudden, hardened surfaces such as being dropped onto porcelain sinks or concrete or tiled floors. With age, like ourselves, dentures become poor fitting and continual flexing whilst in the mouth can result in small cracks that can fracture over time.

We offer emergency denture repairs. We can do this while-you-wait, or you can drop it off for pick-up later in the day – whichever is more convenient for you. Denture Professionals are located conveniently in Cannington with plenty of parking on Cecil Ave between the Cannington train station and Carousel. If you need to do a spot of shopping, it is 200 metres to the Carousel Carpark, so you can combine your visit with your shopping. We are open Monday to Friday and Saturday by appointment. Just call us on 9451 1477, we don’t bite, although we restore bite!

Hard Relines

We also offer same day service for hard relines.

This is useful where you like the way your dentures look, but they are a little loose, due to changes you may have in the underlying bone structure. We remodel the fitting surface which improves denture retention.

We are happy to see you at any reasonable time, but we do suggest that you give us a call prior to arriving so as to avoid disappointment or an extended wait before being seen.

So if you are in need of emergency denture repairs in Perth or Denture repairs or relines at a reasonable cost, then call us and speak to our friendly denture clinic repair specialist. Also ask about our new overdenture product that keeps your dentures securely in place with dental implants which makes wearing dentures so much more convenient without them falling out accidentally. They click in place and out when you want to take them off. So easy and convenient. Donagh who has built a great reputation over 3 decades can offer a free consultation as well on your first visit. Many options are available now that were not previously available.

So if you have an emergency contact Denture Professionals today on (08) 9451 1477.

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