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Implant Supported Dentures

Implant Overdentures – Implant Supported Dentures – Never have Loose Dentures Again!

Many people find that most average dentures move; so they don’t wear them, allowing their jaw and gums to recede and shrink; making them look older and losing their speaking and eating abilities!Dental implants keep dentures in place, allowing you to eat and speak with confidence.

Dental implants have been very successful in securing dentures, and they are now one of the most effective and popular long-term treatments because of this high success rate. These small titanium anchors are permanently installed in your upper and/or lower jaw bone and integrated with your bone.

Implant overdentures attach over the dental implants. They were developed to help patients with partial or full dentures improve denture fit and eating and speaking, which is severely reduced with badly fitting dentures. Over dentures are hard wearing and long lasting and less expensive than full bridges.

implant-over-denturesThe implant acts like your natural tooth root in your jaw bone and over time fuses with the bone. This not only creates a stable foundation to attach single and multiple teeth or dentures to, but also slows bone loss because it is acting like a tooth root in your bone.

Your jaw line doesn’t sag and your smile stays youthful!

When your implant overdenture is held in place with dental implants, it fits more securely than one held in with adhesives. This snug fit improves the stability of the overdenture and significantly reduces, even prevents any movement during chewing and talking and reduces denture discomfort.

Overdentures can be used in variety of ways. Mostly, they are attached to remaining teeth providing those teeth are healthy and infection free, or implants to provide the structural support.

No One Wants Loose Dentures

Your overdenture is a removable denture, and can fit over a small number of remaining natural teeth or implants. If using your natural teeth, these may be prepared to provide stability and support for the overdenture.

With all forms of denture assessment, your dental prosethetis will conduct a thorough examination of your jaw line, teeth structure and mouth wellbeing. This helps us to provide you with the best possible denture solutions and suggest options to support your overdenture.

What are the Benefits to Using Implant Overdentures?

The many benefits to using overdentures include:

  • Improved digestion – if your dentures are held by using adhesives, you might be interested to know that overdentures use dental implants, making them more stable than adhesive held dentures. This allows you to chew food thoroughly, assisting the breakdown of food in your stomach and absorb more nutrients.
  • Reduced bone loss – your overdenture simulates and stimulates your jaw bone when you chew. This reduces and stops shrinkage which is generally the result of missing teeth.
  • Retained facial structure and features – missing teeth can cause your face to appear ‘sunken’ and prematurely aged as the area between your nose and chin shrink.

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