Mouth Guards

Mouthguards - Protecting Your Smile and Teeth

One of the best dental accessories you should invest in is a mouth guard. Mouth guards can be used for a number of reasons but the two main reasons are if you play sport and want to protect your teeth or if you grind your teeth and want to prevent damage to your teeth. They can even help with snoring!

If you play active sports, or grind your teeth, you know protecting your teeth, or your children’s growing teeth, from physical damage is crucial. Wearing a mouth guard is preventive dentistry. Vigorous activities are easily remedied by wearing the right type of mouth guard and night guards protect your teeth so you keep your teeth from long term damage.

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teeth-grindingToday’s modern mouthguards are snug fitting mouthpieces and used on the sports field or during sleep, particularly during children’s jaw and teeth formation. This is vital if you play sport, have children who play sport or victim to clenching or grinding your teeth.

Teeth Grinding

The custom designed mouthpiece acts as a shock absorber, protecting the teeth and lower jaw from breaking and prevents biting your tongue, tongue or cheeks.

Injury can occur at any time. Without the right mouthguard you can easily have a tooth knocked out. The best mouthguards don’t restrict breathing or cause choking. They should be comfortable and allow talking. Off-the-shelf mouth guard products from a chemist or sport store won’t provide adequate protection if they are not a custom fit. Only a mouthpiece from a lab can provide the perfect fit.

Mouth Guard

Denture Professionals range of mouthguards are professionally fitted and available in different strengths. They are made in our laboratory and designed to our own specifications to protect your dental health and your bite. Who Needs a Mouthguard Anyway?

If you wear braces, grind your teeth or play sports, you need a mouth guard; the type of mouth guard is up to you. Inexpensive shop bought mouth guards generally don’t last long and are not built for high risk sports or teeth grinders. You owe it to your teeth to get a custom designed mouth guard.

Everyone who plays sport carries a high risk of injuries to the face from equipment or contact from other players and should wear a mouthguard.

A misdirected elbow, knee, scrum, fall, hockey stick or soccer ball can leave you with a chipped or broken tooth, tooth loss, permanent nerve damage or injured gums.

Remember to replace old guards as you child and their mouth or jaw changes and grows to reduce injuries.

Teeth Grinders

Teeth grinding is a common issue, but you shouldn’t have to suffer.

If you grind your teeth at night, at the office desk or under stress, you need to protect their teeth from wearing down your teeth by regularly using a night guard. Prevention is easy. Wearing a night guard during sleep can support your teeth and help prevent damage, but it can also be at work or when feeling stressed and clenching your jaw.

Five Signs You Need a Grinders Mouthguard:

People who grind their teeth, the condition is called Bruxism, can experience an infrequent symptoms from a sore jaw to chronic grinding. If you experience one of the following, it may be time to visit call us and talk about getting mouthguards.

  1. A Chipped Tooth can be a sign that your teeth grinding has become serious. Grinding can put a lot of pressure on your tooth enamel, damaging your teeth. This can even lead to cavities.
  2. Chronic Grinding or Clenching means you grind most nights and you should see your dentist about a mouth guard. It won’t stop you clenching your jaw, but it will minimize the negative effects.
  3. Waking with a Regular Headache is a sign of nightly grinding.
  4. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) is caused when muscles around the jaw become swollen and sore, which can be the result of clenching and grinding against the teeth.
  5. Antidepressants, the main ingredient in some antidepressants, can cause nighttime teeth grinding. Other Medicines can create those side effects.

Let us take an impression of your mouth, and create the perfect mouthguard for you in our labs to protect your teeth and prevent dental damage.

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